Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Little Dojo In Walla Walla Gets New Location

The Little Dojo in Walla Walla gets a new home. On March 1st 2007 The Little Dojo will be moving to it's new home a 1600 square foot dojo located at 1726 East Isaacs. There will be an expanded Curriculum to include:

  • Fook Yueng Chuan

  • Bruce Lee's Non Classical Gung Fu

  • Sing I Chuan

  • I Chuan

  • MMA

  • CQB for Proffessionals

  • A variety of Seminars including, Mountain Retreats, Jesse Glover, Pierre Hartman, Infinity Knife Concepts, Weapons Retention and Disarms, and Self Defense
Anyone interested in training at The Little Dojo can apply by calling Steve Smith at 509-527-3385. Or email yeungchuan@yahoo.com

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