Saturday, September 30, 2006

Principal Killed by Shot Struggling with Student for Shotgun?

"CHICAGO, Sept. 29 — The principal of a rural Wisconsin school was shot to death on Friday, on the eve of what was to have been a weekend of homecoming festivities, by a 15-year-old who was disciplined on Thursday for having tobacco in school, the authorities said."

This artical in The New York Times should finally wake up school administrations around the country to the real need for school administrations get instruction for their teachers and staff on how to deal with 1. School Bullying and to take students complaints of it seriously 2. Attacks on campus. When I here of these kinds of events happening over and over again, I wonder why do school systems ignore the need for training. Training should consist of verbal technique, physical technique, not just the do the best you can variety but real violence deescalation technique. And techniques so principals aren't just struggling for a gun but taking it away and ending the problem.

So many people are out there and available in most communities that could be brought in and consulted Law enforcement, Maritial Arts experts etc.

Steve Smith, James Keating, Vladimir Vasiliev and others could give teachers and staff real effective and relitivly easy to learn methods to help end the violence or at least stem it.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

If you are a Karate Junkie

If you are a Karate Junkie then here is a site is for you http://www.karatejunkie.com. They even have made a source for Karate Junkies to get their fix of great clothing, Junkie T-Shirts, Mugs etc, Fun Stuff, the Karate Junkie Store.

The Karate Junkie offers a unique source of interesting obscure Karate News that is not limited to Karate but includes, Kung Fu, Chi Kung, Comedy releaf, Comtech, Gung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts. It is a fun somtimes irritating look at martial arts, it is worth a look.

The t-shirts are of a nice design and quality, light hearted way to show your interest in Martial Arts.

Steve Irwin Croc Grappler Brought Down By Sting Ray

Steve Irwin Rest in Peace you brough joy and intrigue into many lives and education and entertainment into our hearts. You helped us love the unlovely and were a warrior. RIP.

My Boys and I thank you for the memories.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Jesse Glover and Steve Smith to perform at the Martial Arts Expo in Switzerland October 28 and 28

Pierre Hartmann, The Chinese Boxing Association and the 12th annual Martial Arts Expo in Geneva are Sponsoring Martial Arts Demonstrations by Jesse Glover and Steve Smith. The Martial Arts Expo has hosted many martial arts and martial arts masters over the years. Sonny Umpad was a regular presentor as was Jesse R. Glover, Steve Smith and Tommy Carruthers.

Pierre Hartmann and The Chinese Boxing Association is sponsoring Seminars with Jesse Glover and Steve Smith on October 31 through November 3rd. For information email Pierre at info@nckf.ch or give him a call +4179 200 9174.