Tuesday, February 24, 2009

John McNabney and Lloyd Kennedy JKD and Grappling Clinic


Lloyd Kennedy is a master practitioner of Jujutsu and fighting tactics, with over four decades of experience in training for combat and defensive purposes. He has taught seminars all over the world, and has many decades of experience teaching a complete form of Jujutsu using modern methods of training with classical principles.

John McNabney has taught JKD from Manhattan, NY to San Diego, CA and has been training for over three and half decades. He was interviewed in a book on Jeet Kune Do called “Descendants of the Dragon” by Paul Bax. If you ever have been interested in learning JKD; then John will help you on your journey, by pointing the way for JKD knowledge. Please bring focus pads, gloves, shin guards, headgear, mouth guard. There will be some contact training going down!

*Need a Fyler? e-mail us at: ctr1964@aol.com

Friday, February 06, 2009

JKD Brotherhood Presents: Jesse R. Glover and Ted Wong Disciples of the Dragon Seminar

The JKD Brotherhood presents:

Disciples of the Dragon: Jesse R. Glover and Ted Wong

The First Student/Last Student Seminar. This two-day seminar will begin at at
12pm and end at 6pm (subject to change). On Saturday and Sunday, August 1 and 2, Jesse
Glover will teach his lethal art known as Non-Classical Gung Fu while
Ted Wong will teach the final evolution of Jeet Kune Do as taught by
Bruce Lee in private, one on one sessions.

Location: Stratford Inn, Fenton, Missouri
/636-343-5757 Special room
rates for only $40.00 plus tax. Other hotels close by and even within
walking distance.

A special banquet will follow the seminar at an additional cost of
$20.00 per person (alcoholic beverages not part of the price).

The seminar price will go up after June 1st, 2009 to $250.00 for two
days so register early. Seminar is limited to 50 participants. To Register Contact Paul Bax at Paul Bax [pauljbax@aol.com]

The JKD Brotherhood also offers an excellent opportunity to discuss all things Bruce Lee with many others similarly interested in discussions about Bruce Lee, Tactics and Bruce Lee's Art of Jeet Kune Do.