Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Flow of Visayan Escrima Random Flow Training

"Unlike empty-hand or even stick fighting, dueling with swords offers no
forgiveness. A mistake in timing or reaction does not lead to a bruise or a
broken arm, but to severed tendons, deep trauma, and potentially death. A
much greater emphasis is therefore placed on strategy than perhaps would be
with less lethal weapons." more......

The above comes from an excellent artical on on Sonny Umpad's Visayan Escrima Corto Cadena by MAIJA SODERHOLM, B.SC.

Watching Sonny Umpad do Escrima was at once watching a master dancer and warrior moving. It is excellent to see that there is an organization that is setting up to perpetuate Sonny's Method, check out the web pages. His method works well in conjunction with any martial art and will definantly be an eye opener if you have not played with a gifted escrima master.

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