Tuesday, August 14, 2007

James A. Keating Riddle of Steel 2007

The flow of the river matches the flow of the knives in motion as we explore riverine ecosystems, canyon chains and the lost secrets of the knife- both ancient and modern versions.
Come experience this rare chance to be a part of the legendary event known as the RIDDLE OF STEEL.
Other camps have long striven to duplicate this event and have failed. There can be only one and this is it.
If you love knives, their usage, their making etc and want a glimpse of what you can acomplish within this razor sharp world then BE THERE for this event. I do not hold these too often any more, so come now.

"Advanced Hand Manuevers"
Kung Fu, Gung Fu, Chinese Boxing, call it what you want - it's here and waiting to turbo-charge your skills into the next level. See the how and the why of the Comtech blend of advanced hand skills.
You will learn about how to advance your blade skills, boxing skills, locking skills and submissions.
This stuff is a blast! This my friends will contain many so called secrets that other schools hold back.
I invite you to come and learn, this material will help ANY person who practices ANY fighting method.

"I went on one of the early Riddle of Steel adventures and it could be stated that it is the trip of a lifetime." Karate Critic

Info on the Riddle of Steel: 541-938-3451