Sunday, October 28, 2007


This is the worst self defense set that the Karate Critic has ever suffered through. Wow! Do Not Go in There!

New Video from The Little Dojo

Past Skills

Yamabushi (山伏) - Forest warrior monk.
The Yamabushi were ancient holy people from pre-recorded history who sought enlightenment through asceticism in the mountains. They were known for their shamanic powers of healing by the laying on of hands and the use of plants. The Yamabushi achieved deep philosophical knowledge and super natural powers through the study of self and nature. They had a fierce reputation for extreme feats of endurance and were respected for their arduous lifestyle, martial techniques, and in-depth mastery in the use of such weapons as the bow and arrow and the lance.

Past Skills is taught by Bill McConnell a long time student of the famous Tom Brown and an instructor in Tom Browns Courses. Bill and his wife conduct a six month emersion course in the way of the Yamabushi. This course covers everything from making fires, to the ancient philosophies, healing and the way of tracking.