Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Visayan Eskrima

Several of Sonny Umpad's top Students/Gurus are now offering a web site to the memory of the Legend Sonny Umpad. http://www.visiayaneskrima.com

Sonny lived the life of an innovator and creator, of music and Martial Artists, and an art of massive dimensions. Jesse Glover said, "He was like Bruce Lee but with Sticks". Most people who watched him move had trouble following the action, I had to tell him to slow down so people could see what he was doing and appreciate it.

It is great to see some of his long term students coming out with some of the teachings of Sonny Umpad, through seminars and articles. The Dog Brothers have come out with a new DVD that highlights the art of Sonny both with sticks and with his carvings, a fascinating look at one of the Legends of FMA.

Check it out! Also I have heard that The Little Dojo will be hosting a Visayan Eskrima Seminar with many of the successors of this amazing art.

The Little Dojo Mountain Retreat

The Little Dojo will be presenting it’s Third Annual Fall Mountain Retreat in the Blue Mountains just East / South East of Walla Walla, Washington. steve-and-instructor-from-spirit-wing-chun.jpgThe Mountain Retreat is a great time training in Fook Yueng Chuan, Infinity Concepts, and Non Classical Gung Fu enjoyed by people from all over the United States, Canada, England, and Europe.Jesse and Mike at Mountain Retreat

The Mountain Retreat this Fall is a rustic theme; we will be staying under the stars and in tents cooking over camp stoves, working out outside in a natural environment. We will be practicing Chi Kung, Effortless Power, Multiple Attackers, Counter Grappling, Infinity Knife Concepts, Hand Gun Disarms and Retention, Non Classical Gung Fu and Night Work.

The theme this Fall is Taking it to the Next Level. People with Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Non Classical Gung Fu, Tai Chi, Aikido, and Internal Martial Arts training will love the sessions. Tuition for the Weekend of training is $349 U.S. Covers all training. To Register Call Steve Smith 509-200-2466. Or E Mail stevesmith@thelittledojo.com

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Les Stroud's Survivorman Starts Next Friday Night

Les Stroud's Surviorman on Discovery Channel begins it's new season next Friday night. Les Stroud takes his camera equipment himself and minimal gear and heads into the wild in a Survival circumstance's for seven days with no safety rope, very good TV and a great education for those interested in outdoor survival.

The Little Dojo in Walla Walla heads into the Mountains for it Mountain Retreat on September 14- 16. Members will learn outdoor skills as well as the rare Fook Yueng Chuan, Infinity Knife Concepts and Non Classical Gung Fu.

The Retreat is outdoors and training will be day and night rain or shine. Check it out.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jesse Glover Non Classical Gung Fu Seminar Presented by John McNabney

John McNabney is proud to present, Bruce Lee's first student in America, Jesse Glover. Jesse Glover will be teaching a two day seminar at Purple Dragon Studio on Saturday & Sunday August 11 & 12, 2007. For a flyer, use our contact page at the top of our website.

Pierre Hartmann will be presenting a Seminar With Jesse Glover and Steve Smith in Switzerland in November.

Steve Smith will be conducting a Fook Yueng Chuan, Infinity Concepts, Non Classical Gung Fu Mountain Retreat September 14th through the 16th. Non Classical Gung Fu, Infinity Knife Concepts, Multiple Attackers, and Counter Grappling.