Saturday, March 09, 2013

Adam Chan Practical Martial Arts Seminar in Vancover

Adam Chan is one of the great practical martial artists of his generation. Having already achieved extraordinary skill at a relatively young age, he continues to train, research, and challenge his own conceptions every day.

Comparisons to Bruce Lee are common when people talk about Adam, and he has made a name for himself among senior JKD instructors, even though he claims no rights to the JKD lineage.

"Adam Chan is, without a doubt, a very capable and skillfull martial artist whom I respect immensely, and anybody attending his class would benefit greatly from this experience. Don't pass this opportunity to do something positive with your life." - Tommy Carruthers, Advisory Board Member Of The BRUCE LEE FOUNDATION

This is a rare opportunity to train with a generous and open-hearted instructor who can walk the talk. He will inspire, enthuse and enlighten martial artists of all styles and all levels of ability.

Adam Chan’s teaching is a combination over 25 years of research, training and pressure testing to find out what really works in a fight. Adam believes that in order to consider any form of self defense complete it MUST address the following topics:

• Awareness And Avoidance Of A Potential Attack
• De-escalation
• Development Of Strong Attacks
• Pre-emptive Attacks
• The Ability To Finish The Fight
• Escape
• Post- Fight Trauma

Other topics covered:

• Mindset
• Power Punching
• Power Kicking
• Pre-Emptive Punching
• Pre-emptive Kicking
• Counter Punching
• Countering the Restraint
• Countering the Tackle
• Counter Kicking
• The Obstruction
• The Cover
• The Evasion
• Multiple Opponents
• Defending Against the Ambush



Saturday April 13 - Sunday April 14, 2013


Beaumont Studios, 316 West 5th Ave Vancouver, BC V5Y 3P1 Canada (Close to Olympic Village Skytrain Station)


Adam Chan - Pragmatic Martial Arts http://www.pragmaticmartailarts.com/



Early Bird $220.00 only with a $110.00 deposit due by April 1st, 2013

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At the Door $240.00

To Register or for More Information Please Call Matthew Dyck 604-722-6333