Saturday, March 09, 2013

Adam Chan Practical Martial Arts Seminar in Vancover

Adam Chan is one of the great practical martial artists of his generation. Having already achieved extraordinary skill at a relatively young age, he continues to train, research, and challenge his own conceptions every day.

Comparisons to Bruce Lee are common when people talk about Adam, and he has made a name for himself among senior JKD instructors, even though he claims no rights to the JKD lineage.

"Adam Chan is, without a doubt, a very capable and skillfull martial artist whom I respect immensely, and anybody attending his class would benefit greatly from this experience. Don't pass this opportunity to do something positive with your life." - Tommy Carruthers, Advisory Board Member Of The BRUCE LEE FOUNDATION

This is a rare opportunity to train with a generous and open-hearted instructor who can walk the talk. He will inspire, enthuse and enlighten martial artists of all styles and all levels of ability.

Adam Chan’s teaching is a combination over 25 years of research, training and pressure testing to find out what really works in a fight. Adam believes that in order to consider any form of self defense complete it MUST address the following topics:

• Awareness And Avoidance Of A Potential Attack
• De-escalation
• Development Of Strong Attacks
• Pre-emptive Attacks
• The Ability To Finish The Fight
• Escape
• Post- Fight Trauma

Other topics covered:

• Mindset
• Power Punching
• Power Kicking
• Pre-Emptive Punching
• Pre-emptive Kicking
• Counter Punching
• Countering the Restraint
• Countering the Tackle
• Counter Kicking
• The Obstruction
• The Cover
• The Evasion
• Multiple Opponents
• Defending Against the Ambush



Saturday April 13 - Sunday April 14, 2013


Beaumont Studios, 316 West 5th Ave Vancouver, BC V5Y 3P1 Canada (Close to Olympic Village Skytrain Station)


Adam Chan - Pragmatic Martial Arts http://www.pragmaticmartailarts.com/



Early Bird $220.00 only with a $110.00 deposit due by April 1st, 2013

Paypal Link for $110.00 Deposit:


Paypal Link for $220.00 Full Registration:


At the Door $240.00

To Register or for More Information Please Call Matthew Dyck 604-722-6333

Monday, December 31, 2012

Adam Chan's New Web Page

Adam Chan is an Excellent Martial Artist and writer. He has assembled a group of people who will be sharing articles regarding Warriorship for Self Actualization. This is his latest post. I encourage everyone to stop by the site from time to time to get some great insights into training and philosophy. Tradition, Peace and Realistic Progression

Monday, February 06, 2012

Online Women's Self Defense Program

Kris Anderson of Inner Warrior Martial Arts has created an excellent online course for Women's Self Defense.  This course is excellent well laid out and effective.  This program is very affordable and will give anyone Woman or Man the tools needed to effectively defend themselves and their families.  Practical easy to learn Effective.

Self Defense for Women is The Best place to start of any online program I have ever reviewed.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ed Hart Videos Available

Ed Harts Videos Gung Fu to Grappling and Boxing for Street Self Defense are currently available at:  http://www.fusionartsandmedia.com/ed-hart-media/ allow 2 weeks for delivery.