Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Visayan Eskrima Seminar in Switzerland with Renado Alfonso Assistant to the Legendary Sonny Umpat

Visayan- Escrima with :
“Renato Alfonso”

(direct student of Sonny Umpad)

In Geneva, Switzerland on August

From August 4th to the 8th 2008.

evenings from 6pm – 7h30pm

The Chinese Boxing Association Switzerland welcomes you to join an open air Escrima-Seminar with Sonny Umpad's incredible student, Renato Alfonso. Renato was one of Sonny’s assistants for years and is very skilled fighter, and also a very good teacher. He will teach sticks, blades, epée, knife etc. This seminar is open for everyone and any level.

* For visitors, campgrounds & hotels are available at the seminar site.

* Location: Hermance - Geneva, Switzerland

* Information & inscription: info@nckf.ch or contact Steve Smith.

* Price (one week) 250$ / 250fr.

* www.nckf.ch or phone: +41792009174

Non-Classical Kung Fu, Pierre Hartmann invites you to discover the intercepting moves of Non Classical Kung Fu. Non Classical Kung Fu is noted for explosive power, effective sticking, and efficiency in combat. Pierre Hartmann is a long term student and friend of Jesse Glover and Sonny Umpad, Ed Hart. His knowledge of Non Classical Gung Fu is excellent and his ability to teach it extraordinary.

Location: rugby field of Hermance, Geneva.
Price: 200fr / $200.
Info & inscription : +41792009174 or contact www.nckf.ch info@nckf.ch