Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jesse Glover to Teach at the International Fook Yueng Chuan June Mountain Retreat

Jesse Glover, Bruce Lee’s First Student and Assistant Instructor and author of Bruce Lee’s Between Wing Chun and JKD will be a guest at The Little Dojo / International Fook Yueng Chuan Association Mountain Retreat the Weekend of June 5, 6, & 7. Jesse Glover is one of the worlds leading experts on Bruce Lee’s fighting methods. Jesse Glover teaches privately at his school in Seattle and does select seminars around the world.

Jesse Glover and Steve Smith Inheritor of Fook Yueng Chuan have been associates for nearly 20 years sharing training concepts and fighting methods. Jesse Glover was introduced to Fook Yueng by Bruce Lee in 1959 so this will represent a 50 year association with Fook Yueng and Jesse Glover.

Fook Yueng was a teacher / mentor to Bruce Lee from 1959 to about 1966. His back ground studying with many of the top Chinese Martial Artists in the Red Boat Opera taught Fook early to respect all styles learning from them what they had to offer until they became, ”All same, Nothing”. You can see this influence coupled with Bruce Lee’s natural inventiveness culminating in what became know as Jeet Kune Do. Bruce Lee’s father was a Gung Fu Brother to Fook Yueng and as a favor Fook took Bruce under his wing in 1959 when Bruce moved to the United States picking him up from the ship in Oakland and driving him to Seattle to help him get settled.

Jesse Glover remains friends with Fook Yueng to this day.

Jesse Glover has taught many excellent practitioners over the years and taught along side many more. Some of Jesse’s Students include, Pierre Hartmann of Switzerland, Ingolf Grabitz of Germany, Tommy Carruthers of Scotland, Tom DeFelice of Seattle, Wolfgang Rain, and many others who prefer anonimity. Jesse is a consumate coach who is able to see instantly how to get the most out of an individual while helping that person maintain their unique way of moving. This is a rare oportunity to train with on of the worlds finest teachers.

I would encourage anyone from any background to consider training with us at this Mountain Retreat it is a great opportunity to add essence into any art.

I have opened this event up to 10 more people as Jesse will be there. If you are interested contact SteveSmith@thelittledojo.com


Beginner's Mind School said...
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Beginner's Mind School said...

Attending an IFYCA Mountain Retreat is opening a gateway to incredible knowledge.

Getting time in to train under Jesse Glover is an equally magnificent way of gaining experience.

To get both opportunities at the same time is something that seems too good to be true!

I was lucky enough to attend one of Jesse's events and I have participated in a small number of these IFYCA Mountain Retreats now and must say that there is no way I am going to miss this one! The sheer amount of martial arts knowledge and history gathered at any one of these retreats provide a large wealth of training from many exceptionally accomplished practitioners in a number of styles. Steeped on top of that is the human aspect of this event where, you don't just get training, you develop strong and meaningful friendships with wonderfully talented individuals and spent the entire weekend in a positive, life affirming environment!
This retreat holds exceptional appeal to me as training with Jesse Glover is a rare opportunity that should not be missed.

I look forward to attending this IFYCA Mountain Retreat.