Sunday, December 21, 2008

Three Books to Consider for your Library Two By James Keating and One By Adam Chan

James Keating has just introduced a new book The Gentleman's Steel Reader 2. I bought the first one and found it to be a treasure trove of ancient wisdom and very cutting edge modern insight into the philosophy of the blade. James Keating is one of this century's Living Masters he has a sharp mind an insatiable appetite for knowledge and a background of studying with many of the great masters. The Steel Readers give you an insight that is distilled hard to get knowledge treat your self to years of enjoyment.

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Adam Chan's Book Climbing Mountains and Eating Punches. This book is a Memoir of Adam's journey towards Martial Arts Functional Mastery. Adam's insight are hard won and come from decades of of travel around North America and living in China.
It is not uncommon for people to take martial arts lessons for years and still not be able to use their arts in real situations outside the training hall.

This book is about Adam's journey to overcome this problem through years of trial and error, the discovery of universal principles that have nothing to do with style and the questioning of assumptions that we have for the nature of conflict itself.

Adam Chan teaches privately at Pragmatic Martial Arts in Vancouver, B.C. If you live in the North West it would do you well to contact Adam Chan and make arrangements for some personal coaching his philosophy and insights will make it worth your investment, time and travel.

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