Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Visayan Eskrima

Several of Sonny Umpad's top Students/Gurus are now offering a web site to the memory of the Legend Sonny Umpad. http://www.visiayaneskrima.com

Sonny lived the life of an innovator and creator, of music and Martial Artists, and an art of massive dimensions. Jesse Glover said, "He was like Bruce Lee but with Sticks". Most people who watched him move had trouble following the action, I had to tell him to slow down so people could see what he was doing and appreciate it.

It is great to see some of his long term students coming out with some of the teachings of Sonny Umpad, through seminars and articles. The Dog Brothers have come out with a new DVD that highlights the art of Sonny both with sticks and with his carvings, a fascinating look at one of the Legends of FMA.

Check it out! Also I have heard that The Little Dojo will be hosting a Visayan Eskrima Seminar with many of the successors of this amazing art.

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