Wednesday, September 06, 2006

If you are a Karate Junkie

If you are a Karate Junkie then here is a site is for you http://www.karatejunkie.com. They even have made a source for Karate Junkies to get their fix of great clothing, Junkie T-Shirts, Mugs etc, Fun Stuff, the Karate Junkie Store.

The Karate Junkie offers a unique source of interesting obscure Karate News that is not limited to Karate but includes, Kung Fu, Chi Kung, Comedy releaf, Comtech, Gung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts. It is a fun somtimes irritating look at martial arts, it is worth a look.

The t-shirts are of a nice design and quality, light hearted way to show your interest in Martial Arts.


Thebodytalk said...

Well, I'm a big fan of Karate movies. Practicing on my own is not really my thing. I am more girlish, actually. But this information is unique to be seen on blogger. Keep it up!

Thanks for your visit and comment. Your comments are always welcome. Later!

spoon said...

I'd like to do a self-defence course so I can chop some baddies!