Monday, May 15, 2006

Spyderco Introduces New Chinook 3

Spyderco has introduced the New version of a great knife. The Spyderco Chinook is already a real functional knife, strong fast and with all the benifits of a bowie style tip. The new improvments include flat grind for better cutting and reduced weight.

The Chinook
is designed by Master of Arms James Keating who is one of the most respected western blade proponents in the world. He designed it for his personal carry and it therefore had to be "right".

The Chinook 1 and 2 for my taste were just a bit bulky in the handle for my smaller hands the Chinook 3 has remedied that for me. My knives have to be easy to sharpen and have a flat grind for easy cutting. I recomend this knive.

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