Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Overview of Martial Arts

The problem with many martial arts systems is that the techniques are so complicated that in an emergency (read attack) are never put to use. Premier Martial Arts is a modern blend of Sport Karate, Compitition Weapons Forms, Kali, Grappling, and Personal Protection. The Goal of its creators Greg Silva and Barry Van Over is to give people a full and effective martial arts program. The Personal Protection is functional and will be there if the student needs it. It is not so much that the techniques are better it really is just in the way the method is trained. Students are really put in pressure situations that teach them to respond proactively in an emergency.

It is so common as to be a cliche that "trained Karate Men" have their butts handed to them because they train techniques and not, mind set an freeze under the pressure of a real fight. It really dosent matter what system you train in if you are training to do technique and not to implement what you do under pressure.

It does a student well to seek out a school with methods and a training stategy that will help a student move instinctively when scared paralized and when not having an on day. Attackers are proffesional they case you when you are down they attack.

Choose a school with instructors who will help you with training to move well when the crap is clogging the fan.

Premier Martial Arts does this well and will teach you to perform well and look good in competition.

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